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(x-posted) How many GOP presidential candidates does it take to beat Ron Paul?

In Louisiana...all of them.

Louisiana has a two-part caucus to select GOP national convention delegates; (the primary is basically a beauty pageant). See explanations of how it all works here and here. Various pro-Paul groups around the state were able to amass enough qualified individuals to submit a full slate of delegates - more than any other candidate; one third of all delegates submitted were Paul delegates. In anticipation, supporters of Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain and Romney banded together to submit a slate of uncommitted delegates labeled "Pro-Life/Pro-Family;" this hybrid slate beat the Ron Paul slate in all 7 districts. It is currently unknown as to how many supporters of each candidate were on the hybrid slate.

Here's the Pro-Life/Pro-Family ballot:

Unofficial results are in, and the final results (when ready) will be here.

McCain is in first so far, followed by Ron Paul then Mitt Romney. Five-hundred provisional ballots remain to be counted. However, the Paul campaign is contesting the results and requesting that the LA GOP count all of the ballots and even check the credentials of some of the delegates.

::Update:: The original deadline for submitting delegates was January 10th. After the huge slate of Ron Paul delegates was submitted, the LA GOP extended the deadline to January 12th to allow other candidates to submit more delegates.

Additionally, quite a few Democrats and Independents switched parties in order to participate in the GOP caucus. The deadline to register as a Republican to be eligible to participate was November 30th. However, the LA GOP used a voter list from November 1st at the caucus locations to check eligibility. Voters who had registered after November 1st (but before the deadline) were forced to use provisional ballots, 500 of which have not yet been counted - though the results of the race are already being trumpeted.

In a few cases, even state-certified, pre-approved Ron Paul delegates were forced to use provisional ballots.

Spread this far and wide - tell your friends what happened in Louisiana, and don't let them get away with politics as usual.
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